quick Update on my life – september 2023


Update on my life – I am back here posting on my blog as depression has hit me once again.

Quit work, not meeting friends, feeling hopeless and all that jazz once again. Honestly, I had given everything up once again till I stumbled upon this beautiful reminder:
“Even if you know that things have been bad before, and got better, you think ‘But this time- THIS TIME – things are NOT going to get better, because they can’t. But depression always runs out of energy, because however big it is, it is not bigger than time. And time reveals the lies depression tells. You DON’T GO MAD. You DON’T DIE. It takes days or weeks or months or years but you come out of it. Eventually you realize I am bigger than depression. I am the sky.”

Update on my life
Depression had me like

This time we are depressed in a new country – Canada (is that an achievement?)

The weather here doesn’t help either, we are all Vitamin-D deficient.

The same pattern has been observed i.e I got a job here. Was super excited when I started off but that excitement soon fazed out 6 months into the job. The domino effect kicked in which means trouble sleeping, not having the energy to go into work and then every aspect of my life crashing down.

Since I had documented my struggles before, they will come in handy this time around and I am hoping to bounce back much sooner than later.

To be specific, this post from February 2019 motivated me to start writing once again: https://reasonstolivefor.com/reasons-to-live/

I was quick to order the book “Reasons to stay alive” by Matt Haig: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25733573-reasons-to-stay-alive

The same book that inspired me to start this blog and hopefully it will ignite some sparks again in me to keep going.

Looking forward to being more active on this platform!

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