Growth Mindset and Solution Oriented Approach


Simply explained, having a growth mindset is a combination of sheer hard work + good strategies + feedback from others. Let me tell you all of these things are learnable. You can make a decision to install a growth mindset at any point in your life. You are just a decision away.

Growth Mindset Defined
Growth Mindset Defined!

Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock who is a renown wrestler and Hollywood star states that he wants to be the hardest worker in the room. In case you are stuck in a position and wondering why things are not working your way, take a good look around. Are you putting in more effort compared to the people around you? Are you doing everything possible to make it happen?

To read the entire article head over here. See, most of us have the idea of a good hustle all the time but what we miss is the importance of good strategies. In my opinion how you can differentiate your style from others is by either looking at old methods with new perspective or going for something new altogether! It is highly recommended to take out one hour at least everyday for strategy and ideation. It is proven to bring outstanding results.

Leaders always want to include others in the process. Which means that they are strong on feedback: both for self, and for others. If you are working in an organization where feedback is not part of the culture, consider it your responsibility to ensure that its done. Walk up to your manager and ask them about your strong points and areas of improvement. If you are a manager, involve your subordinates in the strategy process. Ask them how can processes be streamlined in a better way, their input may surprise you more often than not!

Growth Mindset – Don’t play the blame game
People with a growth mindset take ownership of their work.

They make sure nothing and no one comes their way and they make this happen by not playing the blame game. So repeat after me: “I, and only I am responsible for my successes and my failures. I will not blame anyone else for my shortcomings”

Understanding this will put a sense of accountability in you. You will start looking at yourself as the responsible person for everything that happens in your life. And as you start making this outward to inward shift, you will realize your true potential that you didn’t even know existed.

Growth Mindset – Visualization

Working in sales, before entering a meeting I visualize that the other person is going to like me. He/ she is going to admire the way I talk, my personality, my skill set will all be appreciated and trust me, 9 out of 10 times it goes exactly that way. It is only human to always imagine the worst possible outcome but someone with a growth mindset acknowledges this and visualizes the best best possible outcome instead.

Conclusion on how to have a growth mindset

Regardless of your age, where you live or where you have been; it is never too late to make a change. If you have been waiting too long for something to change in your life, you might want to install a growth mindset and try it out for yourself. Some other habits that I always advocate include waking up early in the morning, journaling, reading and working out!

You may want to read this brilliant Harvard Business Review here: What Having a “Growth Mindset” Actually Means by Carol Dweck

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