Surviving the Storm today – Day 10


I call it the storm because that is exactly how it felt like today. I was also able to find a great article for those who want to educate themselves on depression:

The only reason I could muster the strength to get out of bed was to attend Friday prayers. During my prayers, I found myself repeating a heartfelt plea: “Save me from depression, save my soul.” In moments of despair, turning to God and sharing my struggles with Him feels like my only solace. And, of course, there’s this blog, where I can document my ongoing mental health journey.

Surviving the storm

Later in the day, I had a gym session scheduled at 6 pm, during which I decided to try deadlifts for the first time. Learning the basics was my primary focus, as deadlifting demands significant endurance. After an hour of intense workout, I managed to schedule three more training sessions with my trainer for the upcoming week. This commitment gives me a reason to get dressed and step out of the house, which is a significant victory in my battle against depression.

For dinner, I had delicious plate of spaghetti with chicken. I am genuinely grateful for the food I am able to have, even though, lately, my appetite hasn’t been what it used to be. I concluded my day by writing this blog post, a therapeutic outlet for my thoughts and experiences.

Just before sleeping, I read a little bit of Reasons To Stay Alive and was able to note a key takeaway from it. The message went like: things aren’t going to get worse. You are at your lowest already. There is only upwards from here.

Surviving the Storm

I chose to call this post “Surviving the Storm” because, on this day, I couldn’t envision how my life would progress beyond this episode. The weight of depression felt overwhelming, and I couldn’t convince my mind otherwise. However, I acknowledge that I’ve faced similar situations in the past and managed to rise above them. As this challenging day comes to a close, I eagerly anticipate tomorrow—an opportunity for another day and another battle in my ongoing journey towards mental well-being.

In case you want to read about yesterday, head over here:

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