Genuine Advice: How To Find Motivation When You Are Depressed

How To Find Motivation When You Are Depressed

During my darkest days my most common search term would be “How to find motivation when you are depressed” so finally when I started my own blog I thought it is a must that I write a piece on it.

The most difficult part is to motivate yourself to get out of bed, get dressed, put those running shoes on and head out to walk. But as I’m sitting here in a park while writing this post, let me tell you that it is totally worth it. The key is to make it and half the battle is won there. So a simple reminder to self “I am feeling like shit right now but I will feel much better once I am there” works well every time.

My every day routine comprises of four major areas and days where I tick off all four are the most ideal ones. These areas are:
1- Journaling: Basically visualizing how my day looks like. What personal and professional goals I aspire to achieve in that specific day and what is the strategy that I will implement to achieve it. The next I go back to the previous entry to see if I actually succeeded in the things I set my mind on to. The remaining ones get carried forward to the next day.

2- Waking up early in morning (aiming for 5 am): A great author by the name of Robin Sharma has written an entire book named the 5 am club where he talks about all the benefits of waking up early every morning. To summarize it he states that it is the only time in the entire day that people have for themselves. This is because during that time there are zero distractions and you can kick start your day while the world is still sleeping.

3- Reading: This serves as learning for me each and everyday. I am more interesting in reading books and articles on self help, development and growth.

4- Working out: I have talked about this in detail below, please keep reading.

I just finished a 3 km run in 30 minutes (I don’t know if that is good or bad for starters) and I loved the feeling of my heart beat faster each time that i paced up. That on top of my favorite song playing in the background was a real good feeling. Scientifically proved, running and sweating releases some feel good chemicals called endorphins and this entire activity acts as an anti-depressant (more information here). I can personally vouch for this because days when I work out or go for a run are my happy days when I am naturally feeling better.

So what is the point of documenting this down? Simple, this will serve as a reminder for me to come here again and more often the next time I don’t feel like coming, the next time I feel like it won’t be worth it. We all need reminders for ourselves that push us into action. Another thing that can push you into action is following the Mel Robbins 5 second rule. You can find all details about this rule here.

Everything aside, it is at least better than staying in bed and spending that time in pointless overthinking. Also, I had no idea of what I will be writing about next, the fresh air kind of motivated me to write. So that made it a win-win kind of situation. You also need to remind yourself of all that is good in life, head over here if you would like to see how I do it:

Do share your feedback on this post and let me know what reminders would you like to give to yourself that can motivate you to head out. I would love to know about your take on “How to find motivation when you are depressed”


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