Mantras For Self Love


Mantras For Self Loveβ€” Few weeks back I wrote a post on reminders for self love. Here are the pointers that I discussed:

1. Depression is a bitch
2. Negative thoughts are clouds
3. Fail forward to success
4. Why me
5. You are not alone
6. I want to get better

Mantras For Self Love
Mantras For Self Love

If you want to read about each in detail, head over to

Anyway today while I was going through this reminder I started brainstorming on POSITIVE self reminders derived out of these pointers. Here is what I came up with:

1. Happiness is liberating

Even in times when something bad happens there are two choices- be depressed about it or keep moving forward with another plan. Happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey, a liberating one. Keep this as a reminder to stay liberated.

2. Positive thoughts are like rainbows ?

You are the cloud and what adds beauty to clouds? Rainbows. So whenever you have a negative thought, shut it down. Think of something positive instead. Overtime it will beautify your thought process and since thoughts lead to actions you’ll notice yourself indulging in positive actions.

3. Move towards purpose

Doing anything wihout purpose is useless. However failing at something that ultimately brings you closer to your purpose is success. This is a long journey of self discovery and there will be more downs than ups. But as long as you are finding clarity in purpose, it’s a win.

4. Me because

Why me? Me because I’m a fighter. Me because I’m trying to change myself for better. Me because if not me, then who?

5. Its okay to be alone

Being alone is not such a bad thing as long as you become your own best friend who is always motivating you and pushing you towards positive thoughts and action. Unless you enjoy your own company, you can’t really expect others to feel good when they are around you.

6. I am getting better

Tell yourself that you are winning. Remind yourself of the times when you wouldn’t even get out of bed. Now here are you are reading and writing and working towards your recovery. Be proud of this fact. Let it empower you. And most importantly keep going πŸ™‚

Please keep giving yourself reminders for self love time and again and let me know if it helps! πŸ™‚


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