How To Save Yourself From Drowning


I know it sounds like a cliche. I know you have heard it a lot of times before. But let me just put it here one more time for the record that no one saves you. There, I said it. So let me go ahead and tell you how to save yourself from drowning in self doubt, depression and being stuck in a rut.

How To Save Yourself From Drowning
How To Save Yourself From Drowning

This is for me and everyone who has paused their lives, watching as the world goes, watching as people around progress, watching themselves age and waiting for a super hero to come for their rescue.

Newsflash: there is no super hero. So while you stay in the nest you created and keep feeling bad about it, life is constantly happening and the world is moving on.

No one has stopped just because you have stopped. Not your parents, not your siblings, not your friends, no one. So it is about time you accept your situation and move on.

I don’t care how bad you have it, I don’t care how unfair it is, I don’t care why it had to be you but it is bad, it is unfair and you have it. Until and unless you do not accept this reality and stay in your bubble, nothing is going to change.

Be there for yourself and that’s all that you’re ever going to need. Be your own hero, fight your battle, save yourself because no one saves you.

In another post of mine, I explain how we can save ourselves by being in a constant state of gratitude. You can read it here:

Do let me know in comments below about a time when you saved yourself and how did you manage to do it?


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