Changing Yourself For The Better


Once you’re done with all the self pity, sooner or later you start to realize that you’ve been sad for a long period of time. Let me take you on a journey of changing yourself for the better. Although you might think that you’ll stay sad forever but here’s the good news: that is NOT true.

Changing Yourself For The Better
Changing Yourself For The Better

See here’s the thing: when you keep trying and wanting something to happen but it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, you end up being disappointed. Being disappointed over and over again translates into hopelessness and this is when “I’ll be sad forever” phase kicks in.

It’s only natural. It may hold true for a finite period of time (for me it has lasted for months) to the point that I’m writing this now. But like I said months back i had thought it will last forever and it did not. Which is why I am here, writing this positive post because I am slightly hopeful now. No two days are the same- something we should always remember. In the dark days we feel like the storm is going to stay forever. But we all know that every storm runs out of its rain. This acknowledgement is actually the first step in changing yourself for the better.

In my case I am pretty much bored of being sad. This is a good enough reason to make a change as long as it works for you. However change does not happen overnight. It comes with a routine, it comes with discipline, it comes with a plan. For me a routine has always worked out given the fact if I am able to follow it or not. It gives me some context and meaning. Whenever I am drifting away from it, my mind automatically signals and I try coming back to it.

The plan here is to start taking small steps. Sometimes we may or may not realize but these small steps instill a sense of achievement in us. My small steps include making my bed first thing when I wake up and have water. For this I have set a reminder at the time when i usually wake up. I will make my bed even if i know that I’ll be lying on it for most parts of the day. To quote my guru Robin Sharma: “Small daily improvements lead to stunning results”

About the routine I mentioned earlier, I believe you should sleep, wake-up, journal, workout, play, read, write and eat at the same time everyday. Of course the timing can vary by one hour and that is acceptable. You can also set one day for example Sunday where you break out of this routine intentionally. This all I have to suggest in case you are planning on changing yourself for the better

To ensure that you will follow what you have planned, prepare in advance. Keep a glass of water on your side table so it serves as another reminder when you’re up. And with this I start my journey to reinvent myself.

Some other tricks include turning off my WiFi and mobile data before going to sleep. Why do I do this? So when I am up early in the morning, I don’t end up checking all messages and notifications that would otherwise have accumulated overnight.

Other than this, I journal every single day and make a mental map first thing in the morning on how my day looks like. The next day I revisit my journal and see how much of what I had envisioned was I able to achieve. The remaining gets carried forward to the next day.

How do you plan to reinvent yourself? What are the small steps that you will take in order to do so? Please share in comments below.

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