Intriguing Conversation with myself


Conversation with myself

Another practice that is remedial during tough times is to have a conversation with myself. The purpose of this practice is to remind myself of all the good things that have happened ever since I last gave up as a reminder to keep going.

There is a realization that came to me overtime but I am glad it did. I have realized that my best version is years away from now so instead of being sad over the fact that I have not reached where I wanted to, I am hopeful because I know for sure that the best version of me will come. It will happen, this is my faith. For this, I will have to put in a lot of effort, it won’t be easy but definitely worth it.

For instance it has been over an year since I had my last depressive episode so this is how my conversation with myself looks like:

Me then: It is over, I am done, I will not try anymore, Nothing works for me.
Me now: Easy there, if something is not working at this point in time, it does not mean nothing will ever work.

Me then: How is anything going to work out if I don’t leave my room and don’t do anything at all?
Me now: Like I said, this is how you feel at the moment; what if I tell you that not only will you leave your room, you will be on stage in a packed auditorium giving a motivational speech.

Me then:  Are you kidding me? I cannot imagine being in the audience let alone giving a speech on stage.
Me now: You will and it is going to be amazing and it will end up inspiring others. Not only this, you will make a support group as well which will help others to open up.

Me then: I have lost all my friends; I have literally nothing to look forward to.
Me now: Well you will meet some amazing people and befriend some of them; they still keep a check on you.

Me then: I will always be confused as to what I want to do in life and what makes me happy.
Me now: Just have a look at your blog, see how it gives hope to so many. I am sure this keeps you going and makes you happy!

Me then: Give me some sort of proof.
Me now: I cannot. Just keep going and stop imagining the worse out of everything. Good things will happen. Trust me. I will end this conversation on this amazing quote by one of your new friends- “Nothing lasts forever it will pass in a BLINK, you can change the world but only if you THINK”

Conversation with myself

I will conclude with the fact that our mind is very powerful and it believes in whatever we feed it with. If we keep beating our self up, pushing our self down with negativity then our mind will be convinced to push us further down and keep us there. But this works the other way as well, if we treat our self with kindness and practice positive self affirmation, our mind will finally give in and actually start to believe that we are awesome. That we can do amazing things in life only if we set our mind and heart onto it. Having a conversation with myself is one way that keeps my belief strong and keeps me going.

Here you can find some benefits of positive self talk:–talk

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