It’s not easy


There are days when I Don’t feel like getting out of bed, yet I do Don’t feel like going to work, yet I do anyway have the energy for a workout, yet I do it Don’t feel like seeing my friends, yet I do The point is it never gets easy but the good news is that you can train your brain, overtime, to cope and be strong. So instead of asking for easy, get going instead, work on your...

How to Overcome Insecurity: Why Am I So Insecure?


This question has been bugging me since long and finally I have decided to research and write about it. Basically what I found out was that our insecurities didn’t grow overnight. They have been brewing since long and it’s only when they alter our behavior when we stop and realize: what exactly went wrong?The most common reason is childhood trauma. If you had been told something over...

Can’t sleep?


To anyone reading this from anywhere in the world, you’re not alone. I’ve had sleep issues myself in the past and I know how it feels like. You must be thinking it never gets better but trust me I’m living proof that it does.

Just keep hopingJust keep livingOne day at a time ❤️