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  • Do you take any supplements before bed? I just started taking melatonin supplements and noticed that the pill form takes way too long to break down before it does anything. However, if I buy it as a powder and mix it with water, it hits my blood steam quickly. It helps me fall asleep and keep me asleep. I only take it on nights when I know I need adequate sleep.

    • Yes I do take melatonin and it works well. Surprisingly the one I take breaks down within seconds, try keeping it under your tongue for 30 seconds?

      Update me on what’s going on, leave me a message

      • What brand of melatonin do you use? I use a combined melatonin/magnesium tablet form by Jameson’s, but I find it’s not as effective as the powders you add to water.

        Interesting…. I will try the tongue trick next time! Also, the melatonin mg in the tablets I take is only 3mg per tablet (not very strong). Hmm… I think I left a message in the group chat yesterday.

  • Omg, the lack of sleep can be a burden, especially if you have lots to do the next day.
    Someday I feel like a zombie, especially with these changes of shifts at work, I get the feeling that I am not human anymore.
    But in time everything passes, and with the help of a hot linden tea with lemon, new bed sheets, and a well aired room the sleep is granted.

    Take care! 🙂