One year of blogging


Yayyy! Never was I interested in blogging however this was my refuge, my safe space last year when I was in probably one of my lowest points. I want to thank each and every one of my readers. This space became like a community for me and it really helped me so thanks once again! I do want to get back to it and post regularly, before that need to sort some things on my end but I’ll be back...

Are you here for the long game?


The day I realized that the person I want to become, the one I idolize is years away from today was the day I got much clarity in life. I used to be the person who wanted instant gratification. This does not mean that I believed in success without putting in the work since I have always been a hard worker. However it means that things that take years to master, I expected to happen in months. And...



As per oxford dictionary:

“? ?????? ??????? ?? ??????????? ??? ? ?????????? ?????? ?? ??????????”

Most of us often get stuck on the question: what’s our vocation?

I recently came across a video of Jay Shetty which was extremely helpful. I want you guys to go over it as well, it will give you much clarity:

Read this if you’re feeling down


I write this post more so for myself. The past one week has not been easy. Being caught up between my 9-5, managing my immigration application and planning a vacation side by side had taken its toll on me. Since I had so much to do, I would find myself peaking into social media every now and then to the extent that it was becoming toxic without me even knowing. “An addiction to a...