Isolation isn’t all bad


“If you’re depressed please don’t isolate” The statement above never made sense to me. Someone who is depressed would naturally isolate. In my opinion it’s not the isolation which is detrimental, but what you do in isolation. If you’re someone who stays in bed, stares the ceiling and overthinks for hours then please do not do that. However this is what I do, I...

Guess who went to the gym today (after ages)


You guessed it right, it was me! ? Literally after 6 months I stepped inside my gym. Finally mustered the courage to do so. All my memories got refreshed instantly. Also, like always, it was not as bad as I had thought in my mind. Check the sky view around 7 am below (nature is beautiful!! ?) This is something I need to remind myself: to experience things before assuming how bad they will go. To...

Self Therapy- Session 1


Starting a new ritual today. Every Wednesday I’ll be doing some self reflection of the past week. Some weeks I might have a lot to write about while other weeks not so much. But that is okay. Purpose is to recognize my achievements, acknowledge them and be proud of them. Okay so let’s begin ready get set go! The past week has been amazing! Amazing not because I did sonething out of...