Inspiring Reasons to Live For

Reasons to live

A message from me to my future self: Today you took the decision to write your first blog ever and I am so proud of you for writing down all the reasons to live for.

So what exactly is the purpose of this blog? Simple, it is an outlet for me to vent out about all the stuff that I would keep inside me, things that I don’t talk about which eventually end up choking me. However it is not going to be all about myself. The purpose is to share my experiences and learning in order to motivate anyone who reads it or simply make them feel good about themselves. 

A lot of it is going to be about something that is a big LIE. It is a SCAM

Many people have fallen prey to it (statistics say every 1 in 5). I classify it as a scam because no matter how many times it gets to you, it always tells the same lie which is that everything has gone to shit and it cannot get any more worse than it is. If you have not figured it out yet, I am talking about depression.

Today I came across something that really motivated me and I knew for a fact that there are a lot of others who have fallen into this trap. This was one of the major reasons to live for me so I can share this beautiful piece of information which would definitely comfort you. Here it goes:

“Even if you know that things have been bad before, and got better, you think ‘But this time- THIS TIME – things are NOT going to get better, because they can’t. But depression always runs out of energy, because however big it is, it is not bigger than time. And time reveals the lies depression tells. You DON’T GO MAD. You DON’T DIE. It takes days or weeks or months or years but you come out of it. Eventually you realize I am bigger than depression. I am the sky.

Depression is the cloud. And clouds drift on by. But I will probably forget that again, next time I fall into this deep pithole so I will leave this here to remind me. Depression lies. It is full of shit. Never- for one second – believe the crap it is trying to tell you. It is an illness, not a personality. It is NOT YOU. Exist behind it, above it, through it and watch it pass.”- Matt Haig
This is from his book Reasons to stay alive, more information here:

I hope it gives you some reasons to live as well when you read this and motivates you to keep fighting the good fight. On that note I will end my first blog. Do give me feedback in comments on how I can improve and any other topics that I can write about in my upcoming blogs. Also, do share your experiences 🙂

NOTE: I initially made this post on Feb 13, 2019 and I am back here now on March 21, 2020. So much has changed over the year that I myself would not have believed it if I had not documented it. The point is mentioning this here is that if anyone who is going through something is reading, I just want to assure that although it may not seem like it right not but things will get better.

I am living proof that they will. Just take it one step at a time and don’t stress. It takes a lot of time and effort to pull yourself out of a rut. So if you have done it today or plan on doing it, just know that I am so so proud of you and I am rooting for you! May life give you all the many reasons to live for. Head over to this link for an update on how I am doing now:


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