Guess who went to the gym today (after ages)


You guessed it right, it was me! ?

Literally after 6 months I stepped inside my gym. Finally mustered the courage to do so. All my memories got refreshed instantly. Also, like always, it was not as bad as I had thought in my mind. Check the sky view around 7 am below (nature is beautiful!! ?)

This is something I need to remind myself: to experience things before assuming how bad they will go. To my surprise I am not in that bad shape as I thought. I can safely say If i go regularly for a month, I will be back on track in no time.

To the extent of over sharing today was bicep day ??. However starting is the easy bit, going regularly is the real deal! Which is why I am making this post, to make it a point to continue this amazing habit.

To be honest working out has always been my savior. But to my luck, every time I start bulking up, depression hits in full force due to xyz reasons and I end up withdrawing.

So hello depression you know what? I’m a fighter. Knock me down 8 times I’ll get back up 9. Infact 19. Who’s keeping count anyway? Lol. To anyone reading this who has also been forced to withdraw from an activity that you love, let this post be a sign for you to get back on it!

You can always start small. Like I started walking, then jogging and now this. Literally. This is what I did. Let us all keep fighting the good fight ??

Feel free to share your achievements in comments. They may be as little as getting out of bed to get a shower. This is a judgement free zone ??


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  • Hello, good to read about your day more, welcome to the club, i got sick as well dealing with bronchitis, about 4days, feeling better to day, but i don’t feel like i will make it to the gym, life is can’t be always good or always bad ups and downs happens multiple times in a day, i think is more how you are reacting in to it, mu achievement? Finished university earlier, i will hold my diploma in 3 month, i’m fighter as well, you have to fight other wise nothing will happen, sometimes you have to fight with yourself for me is the hardest fight ever?

  • Keep up the good spirits! The weather is getting nicer too which helps a lot. I feel the same way where as I get myself going and in a good space with a healthy routine, until our good friend creeps in and pulls me away. I was cycling every day, rock climbing 3 to 4 times a week, and overall doing wonderful until I was thrown into a deep depression ultimately leading to psychosis. This was last year February. I only now am just getting back on the bike and taking my dog out for walks. I’m in a much better space than this time last year and I only hope I can keep this up. My mind is fragile and tectonic so just one day at a time is doing the trick.