What am i talking about?


I wake up after a good night sleep. Feeling like it’s going to be a good day. Without staring at my phone pointlessly, I rush out of bed and head into the shower. After a relaxing bath I get changed (oh I forgot to drink a glass of water as soon as I woke up so might as well just do it now). It’s time to make my bed now, requires real effort in the morning but totally worth it.

Making a quick prayer about gratitude and having a great day. Having a a healthy breakfast and finally heading out. The commute takes around 15 minutes and here I arrive. As I attend the training session I find myself engaged as I am learning new things. Not holding back if I have any questions neither holding back any suggestions.

The session went great, I’m already feeling good about it. So I’ll go home now, take another shower and get changed to my track suit ?. But first let me have a banana or two (because hungry ?)

It’s around 8 pm, having a great run with my headphones on, listening to the music I love. Heading back home, having dinner and taking a pause just to notice how amazing the day was. Making a prayer about it, changing to my night suit ?

Getting cozied up (if that’s a word) with my book in bed. Reading till I finally sleep. What am i talking about?

I am talking about how I envision my day to be tomorrow. You see I have bought in the belief of changing my mindset to change my life. If I have happy and positive thoughts about my day that is yet to come, it is most likely that it will actually go well. Your brain reacts to things you feed it, so make sure you feed it with nice thoughts ??


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