Self Therapy- Session 2


It’s Wednesday- carrying on with the Self Therapy ritual, I am going to share updates of the past week, time for some self reflection?

To have a quick look at Session 1, head over here:

So the past week has been good. I won’t say amazing (it’s better to not be delusional)

It was filled with some highs and a lot of lows. Lots of lows included me being legit sick throughout the week and when I’m sick it is hard to mind my thoughts. Because when you have a mind that is habitual of thinking in extremes, it gets tougher to battle a physical sickness in addition to a mental one.

Starting off I had an allergy followed by bad throat followed by stomach issues (TMI, I know). Here is the silver lining though, the entire time I kept telling myself “it will get better, it has been better before”.

I think the highlight of the week would definitely be yesterday and today.

Yesterday: My first day for new job training which went better than the one I had envisioned in my mind. By the way, what I envisioned was a positive one and you can have a quick read on it here:

The good thing is when I got back home, I simply did not have the energy to put into negative thinking or any kind of thinking at all. I put on some good music ?, read my book ? and headed to gym in the morning ☀️

Today: Going to the gym was monumental because it is something I managed to do after 6 months (courtesy of sweet depression mixed with a tinge of anxiety). Here is the experience:

I am so pumped up right now, had a good sleep and am yet again ready to CONQUER the day. Please make sure you always aim to conquer and not survive because if you aim to survive then that is exactly what you will end up doing. Conquering requires pushing yourself a bit more towards doing extra.

On that note I will be signing out. Will be here again next week with some more self reflection. Till then takecare and be good ?


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