So far yet so close?


Technology is amazing. Sometimes it just blows your mind away. Just today I was thinking that I have no idea what my neighbor is upto but I have a friend who lives thousands of miles away but I know what she is upto every single day.

Taking the same thought a little further just think about this. How updated are you about your relatives, friends and people who had a prominent space in your lives an year back maybe? Are they around anymore?

If you have even a single friend who you have known for 10+ years then you are truly blessed. In this digital age, it is difficult to stay committed to a hobby, person, relationship or goal. It requires effort from both sides to keep the connection which you will only put in if you think is worth it.

Can you recall the number of connections you have lost overtime? How does it make you feel?


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  • Unfortunately I have lost many. When I was 15 my parents, sister and I moved to Australia from the UK. I left friends I had known for my entire life and although we sometimes chat online we are no where near as close as we used to be. I never really settled in school here in Australia so didn’t form any strong friendships that I continued in my adult life.
    I’m always so jealous of the people who have friends they have known for 10+ years.
    On the bright side because of technology my grandparents who are too frail to travel have still watched my 2 children grow thanks to skype! ?

    • I often feel jealous of the people who have known their best friends for 10+ years as well! Also, it’s really cool that skype has allowed your children and grandparents to have a long-distance relationship.

    • My apologies I can understand how tough it must have been for you. However focusing on the bright side would put you in a state of gratitude and I would want that for you ?

  • I have made two large moves in my adult life, and both times I’ve fallen out of touch with people. The first time was really disappointing, but it also showed me: 1) that i need to be putting more work into maintaining relationships/not take friendships for granted, and 2) that even though I lost contact with some friends, I should focus and really be grateful for the people who stayed friends with me over distance!!

    • Delighted to know about your story because it shows growth and learning. You learned something positive from a negative experience and that’s awesome ?

  • I don’t keep in touch with anyone over technology except my parents and sister. I have lost touch with everyone I went to school with. I think technology makes it harder to stay in touch with people unless they mean the most to you

  • This is such a good point: “It requires effort from both sides to keep the connection which you will only put in if you think is worth it.”