The art of loving


If you really love something, let it set you on fire ?

Achieving something you love dearly is not an easy task. It is daunting at times and when the going gets tough, you feel like giving up. In such times remind yourself what made you start in the first place. Also evaluate if the fight is worth enough for whatever you are trying to achieve.

Personally for me there are very few things that ignite me. But when I get to know what they are, I go in a 100% and once I am in there is no backing out. This gives me mental peace in future as well because in case I fail, I know I gave it all I could.

See in love, there is no halfway. There is no backing out. There is no giving up. These are not options which you can opt. Just make little little achievable goals that lead you to the big one and focus on one small thing at a time. I hope and pray, you get whatever you love ?


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