At one time you are as hopeless as one can be. When nothing is going in your favor and you stop believing, you stop trying.

At another time you are full of life, people look up to you and you believe you can turn things for good.

Life is a combination of both of the above times mentioned. So when in doubt, keep hoping and when are you winning keep being grateful.

Eid Mubarak


Hello to my lovely blogger community. I wish you all a very happy Eid! Today was the last day of fasting and the entire Muslim community celebrates Eid tomorrow! The month of Ramadan was a very good month for me. It was my first month at my new job and it went smooth. I managed to control my overthinking and was able to kick ass at work left, right and center!!! Spiritually as well I seemed to...

So far yet so close?


Technology is amazing. Sometimes it just blows your mind away. Just today I was thinking that I have no idea what my neighbor is upto but I have a friend who lives thousands of miles away but I know what she is upto every single day. Taking the same thought a little further just think about this. How updated are you about your relatives, friends and people who had a prominent space in your lives...

Gratitude in the moment


Today I went out for a fine dining experience. Ordering the food I love without even looking at the price next to it. I was really hungry so the taste doubled, everything was scrumptious. In that moment I thought how blessed I am to be having such an experience. In a world where people die from starvation and those who survive on one meal a day, I walked out of the restaurant with a full stomach...

Counting my blessings


This post is literally about what is mentioned in the caption. I am going to be listing down the things that I’m grateful for. This can either be big or small does not matter. One strong trait of depression is that a person under it’s influence starts to believe that there is nothing to be grateful. I can validate this from personal experience. However if you really concentrate, there...

Blessings that go ignored


Yesterday there was some issue in the water lines of my house due to which there was no water in taps for the entire day. So we had to purchase 19 litre bottles from the supermarket. Last night when I went to bed my mind started ticking like it always does. I was thinking how blessed am I to have access to clean drinking water 24/7. Also the fact that I wouldn’t have thought of this...