Counting my blessings


This post is literally about what is mentioned in the caption. I am going to be listing down the things that I’m grateful for. This can either be big or small does not matter. One strong trait of depression is that a person under it’s influence starts to believe that there is nothing to be grateful.

I can validate this from personal experience. However if you really concentrate, there would be more than 1 thing everyday for you to be grateful of. So this is exactly what I did. I started to notice the little little things that go ignored and started noting them down. I set out to do this for a week till I reach at least 30 of such things. I’ll go ahead and list them out:

1- At my job being fluent in English is a must. I was able to get the required education and am grateful for it.

2- I have depression. Some treatments include talk therapy, medication and working out. I am grateful for being able to afford all of the three mentioned.

3- I was unemployed for months. Yet I had a roof to live under, food to feed on and good clothes to wear.

4- I am gifted with the skill of writing. It’s an art to put your feelings to words. Not everyone is capable of this.

5- There are people who appreciate me, support me and are there for me even when I am not there for my self. I am grateful to have such people in my life.

6- I logged into netflix for some binge watching. This was when i realized that I was blessed to have access to an account and a tv to play it on.

7- Grateful for the food that was cooked by my mom on my request.

8- Living in a place where water is a major issue, having access to water at all times is a blessing.

9- At the current state I am living with zero life threatening diseases.

10- I have completed the highest level of education that people go for already.

11- Had this random thought of learning french, didn’t have to think much of the finances.

12- The gym i go too is well equipped , somewhere i love to go.

13- I believe I am good looking ?

14- I believe I have a pleasant personality.

15- There are more reasons to live than not to.

16- I am progressing in terms of feeling better, i can feel it.

17- I have cousins i can hangout with who make me feel better.

18- Last night I spent a sizeable amount of money on food alone because i could afford to.

19- No matter how bad the situation is I always end up feeling hopeful.

20- I don’t have to worry about bills, my dad has them covered for me.

21- I have access to a park, where I can go whenever I feel like jogging.

22- My eyesight is 10/10.

23- I’ve been going to the gym regularly.

24- My legs are working a 100% so I can run as fast as possible.

25- My friends make me remember things I’m grateful for and I’m grateful for that.

26- My office is 10 mins from my place. Some colleagues have an hour of commute. I’m grateful for this.

27- Grateful to be born as a Muslim.

28- People spend their entire lives building their own house, I already have one.

29- I don’t have to share my room with anyone hence I can do whatever i please the way i want.

30- My decisions are solely mine, no one has ever embosed their decision on me.

Now I want you all to start looking closely in your lives and comment with things that you are truly grateful for ?


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