Gratitude in the moment


Today I went out for a fine dining experience. Ordering the food I love without even looking at the price next to it. I was really hungry so the taste doubled, everything was scrumptious. In that moment I thought how blessed I am to be having such an experience. In a world where people die from starvation and those who survive on one meal a day, I walked out of the restaurant with a full stomach...

Counting my blessings


This post is literally about what is mentioned in the caption. I am going to be listing down the things that I’m grateful for. This can either be big or small does not matter. One strong trait of depression is that a person under it’s influence starts to believe that there is nothing to be grateful. I can validate this from personal experience. However if you really concentrate, there...



It took me more than a month to get my first 50 followers and just 8 days to get another 50! Actually what happened is that when I started getting positive feedback in form of likes and comments by my amazing readers, I started to take my blog more seriously. I would make it a point to not only write but also read what others had posted. It is such a wonderful feeling when an individual can...