Dream big


I read it somewhere that if you tell someone about your dream and they don’t laugh back at you then your dream is not big enough.

We often have dreams that are

1- very short term

2- very achievable

Which is why once we achieve them, we lose a sense of purpose. We do not aim for the big dreams, the one’s we really want because of this deep fear and self doubt that maybe they will never come true. And this is the first step where you actually set yourself up for failure.

For the longest time I had convinced myself that I will never get married and never achieve anything meaningful in life. This thought was stored in my subconscious and it stopped me from doing anything big that would ultimately make me achieve anything meaningful. These days I am all about changing my mindset to change my life so I actually believe that both of the things mentioned are achievable.

I understand that they might take a long time, but I tell myself that when it happens it will be worth it. My 6 month goal is to save up enough to travel to a magical place with a certain someone. This goal motivated me to get out there and get a job. Not liking the job has become secondary because my primary objective is the 6 month goal.

I’ll give some examples on setting your dreams straight. Firstly make sure that it contains something so BIG that you cannot possibly achieve it entirely in your lifetime. For instance ending poverty, travelling the world or being the best ever at something. There is so much poverty to work on, the world is huge for you to travel and being the best at something would require you to do things that others aren’t willing to do. These dreams will keep you going because you’ll know there is more you need to do to keep going.

What are some dreams that you have not while you’re sleeping, but that keep you up? What are some dreams that when they cross your mind, your inner critic says you can’t achieve them? Do share in comments ?


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