Blessings that go ignored


Yesterday there was some issue in the water lines of my house due to which there was no water in taps for the entire day.

So we had to purchase 19 litre bottles from the supermarket. Last night when I went to bed my mind started ticking like it always does. I was thinking how blessed am I to have access to clean drinking water 24/7. Also the fact that I wouldn’t have thought of this blessing if the water lines didn’t block.

This reveals an interesting fact about the human species. We do not realize the worth of something till we no longer have it. Here is an excercise for my readers: take mental notes of the numerous blessings you have everyday. In a few days you will start being more grateful for your life.

Even though our lines blocked, we still had the option to purchase from the supermarket. There are people who die from water scarcity, who suffer diseases due to use of contaminated water. I take this moment to thank God for the things He has given me. I pray I always make positive use of them and use them for the greater good.


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  • It is a blessing that you have the capacity to put this into action like you do. Thank you for reminding the rest of us, because this is something that is like exercising a muscle…we forget periodically and need reminding to keep exercising it. I have this page pinned to my toolbar so I can see it everyday I sit down to work now.

    I have so many blessing.. but not a job …and I have been letting that one thing I don’t have yet color all the wonderful things I AM blessed with. Thank you for helping me on my journey!

    • No worries. Thank you for your appreciation ?

      About that job bit, if you need some advice on how to go about while you don’t have one, let me know.

        • Here you go:
          Just don’t sit and expect the perfect job to arrive at your doorstep. It doesn’t work like that. Nor aim for the ideal position. When you’re jobless you really are looking for anything that will keep you going. However there’s a lot of work that you need to put in.
          A job helps yoh set a routine and without one, it’s difficult to have a routine. So what you need is self discipline. Make a schedule and religiously follow it. Here is what it should look like:
          Sleep at the same time, wake at the same time and eat/watch a show/update your cv/apply online/read a book/workout/go out for a walk all at the same time everyday.
          About applying here is a proven theory. You apply to 100 places, hear back from 20, interview for 10 and get selected by maybe one. So figure out the number of places you will need to send your resume to.
          Now what are you waiting for? Get going!!
          Hope this helps ?