At one time you are as hopeless as one can be. When nothing is going in your favor and you stop believing, you stop trying.

At another time you are full of life, people look up to you and you believe you can turn things for good.

Life is a combination of both of the above times mentioned. So when in doubt, keep hoping and when are you winning keep being grateful.

So far yet so close?


Technology is amazing. Sometimes it just blows your mind away. Just today I was thinking that I have no idea what my neighbor is upto but I have a friend who lives thousands of miles away but I know what she is upto every single day. Taking the same thought a little further just think about this. How updated are you about your relatives, friends and people who had a prominent space in your lives...

Will life ever get easier?


No. But you will find the strength to keep going. Fall down 10 times, get back up 11. Keep hitting till you stop getting hit. Stop dreaming when you’re asleep and start dreaming when you’re awake. Tackle your problems head on. Connect with people who will help you on your journey. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Find the love that is meant for you. Drift away from those who drain...

Where I stand today


Today I would like to talk about where I stand in life at the moment and how do I feel about it. I stand at a time which is probably one of the best times of my life. Hear me out why. I am standing at a turning point. Everything done right hereon will take me places and a setback will push me back to darkness. However I believe that I’m equipped with everything that is needed to take myself...