Self Therapy- Session 20


If you read my first Self Therapy post which was somewhere in start of this year. And then this one, you wouldn’t believe if it’s the same person.

That’s is the magnitude of change I have experienced. If someone else narrated this as their story, I wouldn’t believe it myself.

You see, at the start of this year I was directionless and hopeless. I had given up on life with zero things to look forward to. Mainly because I was not paying attention to the 1000 things I was already blessed with.

Gratitude for sure defines your attitude.

Fast forward just 6 days left in 2020, I sit here as a person who has undergone massive transformation. Everything that I wished for, I prayed for, I have today. I have so much to look forward to this new year. It is probably the only new year in 5 years where I will be genuinely happy. And on this grand occasion I’d like to make a prayer.

I put out a wish to the universe to make this year the bestest year ever.

May I come across people with genuine intentions.

May I have the strength and courage to face any barrier that will obviously come my way.

May I do more of what matters and cut off all toxicity or those who are causing it.

May I be the reason this year, that at least one person tells me- “if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve given up”

May I be guided towards the light and help others while doing so.

With that I will end my post. I will be making another one on the last day of 2019 so stay tuned 😉

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