Countdown to 2020- pt 5


T-0 to 2020: Happy New Year everyone!

I walk into 2020 smarter, wiser, sexier and open to new learnings and experiences. If this wasn’t a good year for you, do not worry, we can work together in 2020.

Let me take this moment to make some wishes out loud for the universe to fulfil this upcoming year:

May I come across people with genuine intentions.

May I have the strength and courage to face any barrier that comes my way.

May I do more of what matters and cut off all toxicity or those who are causing it.

May I be the reason this year, that at least one person tells me- “if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve given up”

May I be guided towards the light and help others while doing so.

With that I’ll end my chain of experiences in 2019. This was a lot of fun and something I can carry forward to next year as well.

The end…. Or maybe I’m just getting started 😉

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