Countdown to 2020- pt 4


T-11 to 2020: This year was all about doing things right and I think I did a pretty good job at taking some initiatives. Will try to post all that I can remember.

To start with, during commute, I started listening to podcasts which is an excellent thing to do (highly advised). Worked really hard to inculcate the habit of reading regularly (something I have always struggled with).

Fixed my sleep schedule which involves both sleeping early and waking up early. There can be an entire post on the importance of waking up early. It’s a game changer. We can talk about it in detail later.

Started going for jogs, started to connect to people on a deeper level as opposed to just small talk.

Started to make my bed, which although sounds something small but gives a sense of achievement the very first thing in morning.

The most difficult thing was making happiness an internal process. Trying to have a good time with myself. Being comfortable in complete silence. Practicing positive self talk all the time so in case you come across that, do not disturb me because I might be having an intense debate with myself.

Changing your lifestyle is never easy. All change is hard at start, messy in the middle but rewarding at last. So start today and change for better.
(To be continued…)


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