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Self Therapy Session 4

Hello everyone!

This is your favorite blogger (hopefully 😋) with yet another session of Self Therapy where I reflect upon my week.

Surprisingly ever since I started Self Therapy, every week has been better than the previous one #blessedlife

I am not just saying this for the sake of it. Check it out for yourself:

Session 1-
Session 2-
Session 3-

Anyway get pumped for today’s session because it has a very major development (drum rolls 🥁)

In my last session I discussed training for a new job. Good news: I made it through. By the grace of God I’m employed now and loving my work so far. However this isn’t the development I talked about earlier (keep reading 👀)

Next I discussed how my blog is doing wonders so that is carried on for this week as well. The appreciation never stops for which I love my readers ♥️

I had started going to the gym: Which I still am. After a 9 hour work shift, nothing stops me, I am determined to keep going. Science says it releases dopamine which is a feel good chemical so no debate there why everyone should work out.

I’ll be starting a new book today, “the power of positive thinking”.
I cannot place enough emphasis on changing your mindset to change your life. My journey is the literal example of it but I am still on my way.

I attended my best friend’s birthday party 🎂🎈It was after 4 months that I was part of a social gathering. I won’t lie it wasn’t easy. The questions, the situation, the awkwardness but I am proud to step out and face it all.

And now let’s move on to the major development. The highlight of my week. Guys something happened that I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. I met a certain someone through my blog who has changed my life. This person exudes positivity, is a beautiful soul, inspires and motivates me every single day. With her I feel I am no longer alone. Someone who understands me and accepts me for who I am. Appreciates my flaws and leaves no chance to compliment me.

We all need this special person in our lives but become hopeless in times we are alone. Last week I would not have thought so much to happen in a week but trust me it takes a moment to turn your life around. But for that moment you have to put in everything. God knows how much I struggled to be at the position I am at currently and I am really thankful for it. By the way I can be this person for you. Reach out to me and I will try to the best of my ability to help you out.

With this I will be signing out. I believe next week I will have more to share. Stay tuned for Session 5 and stay blessed! ⭐💙


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  1. 💙⭐️I wish for you to fo forward always, life is beautiful take your time to turn arround 360 degree, you can see things, that you may missed before🤗☀️

  2. You’re doing great! I like the idea of these sessions- because s lot of bloggers use their blogs as a journal of their lives but you are focused on growing and there is little more uplifting in personality than a growth mindset. Good on you.
    Keep growing my friend.

  3. Tuned for the updates👀

  4. Your life is pulling all facets together, emotional, mental, and physical. You seem to be on the right track. Thanks for sharing your journey because many of us have also been there.

  5. Good post! Glad things are going well. 😊

  6. ZB.

    You are on fire!
    Burn bright but be careful not to burn out. 🔥

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