Get busy living or get busy dying


Today was a great day. It was the first day on job and after finishing a 9 hour shift I am now heading to the gym.

I know it feels great right now and I would love to have this routine everyday but I also know it won’t always be the same. There will be days when I will be tempted to skip the gym. Then days where I will be tempted to skip work. Also days when I might end up skipping both.

You see when your mind plays games with you, the ball isn’t always in your court. But right now, this very moment, I am in control. I have not been in control since months and now that I am, I will hold on to it.

I will hold on to it till I no longer can. And even when I feel I no longer can, I will tell myself that I have to. There is no other option. I will fight till there is no fight left in me. I will rise and I will shine.

I will hustle to the point that I don’t have time to stop and think. Maybe this time around I will win. This is the turning point that I have been working on. This is the moment I waited for so long. Now that it is here, I will make it mine!!!


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