Self Therapy Session 7


Hello everyone!

Apologies for the delay. I know the ritual for Self Therapy sessions is for Wednesday. This is the first time I’m posting on a Thursday which is good news in itself. Why? Because it means I was so busy yesterday that I could not find the time to make this post.

Keeping busy is the best thing you can do because it avoids you from overthinking. Anyway for my new readers, this is where I do some self reflection every week and what’s to come forward. I distinctly remember for my first session I did not have much to write about and now there are certain things that I look forward to. Have a quick look at previous sessions:

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First things first, Ramadan has started. Now I won’t go into details about it’s importance or this post will turn into a religious one. I’ll just say it is a holy month when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Intermittent fasting is good for our bodies and this is a scientifically proven fact. It has been really difficult for me to adjust since I am working a 9 hour night shift along with a 15 hour fast however I am managing somehow.

So you can figure there is too much going on. Talking about my job the training ends on 20th May which is when the real deal begins. I’m hoping this is something I will excel at (fingers crossed ?)

About working out, just before Ramadan I had gotten into a kickass routine where I was hitting the gym almost every single day. I had started noticing positive changes in body as well. For this month to come I hope to maintain the same and get back to my routine from June.

Coming to my blog, it’s blooming. I have been getting more and more feedback in terms of likes/comments/following. I have been part of some collaborations and been nominated for some awards so that is great.

I’ve met someone through my blog who I keep mentioning. Our minds are alike and we have gotten along well in a short span of time. Only problem is that this person is a hundred miles away so I do plan on meeting them at some point in time.

As for my mental health, these self therapy sessions are a testament of the fact that it has been improving. I am doing more and more each week and I plan to do a lot more. The quality of my sleep has improved significantly as well.

On that note I will end this session. See you all next week on another amazing session. I would love it if you guys can share major highlights of your week in comments below ?


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