Self Therapy- Session 16


Hello and welcome to another session of introspection. I know, I know I have been missing in action. When I started this weekly post I was following a strict schedule where I would publish it every Thursday. Fast forward to a lot of developments and although I am not using this is an excuse but I do tend to forget making a post here. You know what’s funny is if you go back to my first Self Therapy I had barely anything to write and now I can write pages ?

Anyway that was quite an introduction. Moving on let’s begin with the most important aspect of mental health. Things have been going well. This weekend I was down with a sore throat so that affected my mood greatly. Anyway I did not let it bring me down. Continued my long drives and workout sessions and they did keep me going. I am getting a good uniterrupted sleep however a major shift is on it’s way and I hope I can align myself with it. I am switching jobs and this time I am going to have a day job. The last time I had a day job was an year back and I was able to keep up with it for only a month till I went down crashing. So although I have my reservations this time but I also have the support of my family, friends, therapist, gym and self belief. With all these things hand in hand it will be tough for anything to bring me down. Hope everything aligns well.

Physically I have been very disciplined with going to gym. I do it on weekends as well as sick days. It is the only thing that remains constant even when I am not making posts here so that is good. I have developed a good enough figure which I do appreciate when I look myself in tge mirror (minus the tummy). I cannot say no to food ?

Career wise like I said I am making a major job switch I am really excited and I hope it works out well for me. Prayers much needed.

So I guess I’ll keep this update short and sweet. Lastly I am posting a picture of some frames. Basically every month I print a frame and place it on my rooms wall. It serves as a reminder that I had a good month and it is a proof of my survival.

You guys do let me know how your week was in comments below?


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