I know how you feel


I know you feel like no one is listening

I know you feel like no one cares

I know you feel like your existence does not matter

But I want YOU to know all these feelings aren’t true. You didn’t think it would turn around this way but such is life. Right now there is a lot of uncertainty, you have too many questions with no answers. The amount of self doubt has taken you down. The multiple falls are making you doubt if a comeback will be worth it. But trust me it will be. Always.

I won’t share sugar coated examples of x,y,z who felt the same but made it through but I will share my personal example because I’ve been where you are right now. I know EXACTLY how you feel. But remind yourself of times when it went to shit in the past but you pulled yourself together.

A day not long from now you will rise again. You don’t believe it but you will. The world will be as your audience as they see you rise. You will experience a power you never thought existed.

YOU will surprise yourself.

YOU will better yourself.

YOU will fight your demons.

YOU will love yourself.

Just give it time. Just allow yourself to breath. Go run in a park, go put the weights on, go read those books, go make that trip, go work your ass off, go do the undoable, go make friends, just go and keep going because somewhere in between this going you will find yourself.

Then YOU will tell me the ride was worth it. Your suffering wasn’t worth nothing. It was there so you could pull someone else up, just like reading my post uplifted you. That’s how we survive, by being there for each other, even if we may not know each other but we can still connect on an emotional level.

Time changes, no two days are the same. Your time will come. This is my promise to YOU!


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