Self Therapy- Session 15


Hello everyone and welcome to another session of Self Therapy. This is the most awaited post that I make every week where I do some self reflection on how the week went. The past week has been an important one.

Mental health wise I’ve had some ups and downs. Some major downs actually. Whenever I follow a set routine over a prolonged period of time, I kind of hit saturation after which my mind starts to crave for change. This is just who I am, it is how I function. So lately I have been having these feelings as to what is to come next, the sort of feelings I generally try to avoid.

Physically as well I have gotten lazy. There was a time not long back when I was going to the gym without missing a single day. This day I missed 3 days including today. I need to work on this.

In my personal life there has been a major update. My brother has moved to United States for good. It wasn’t until he actually left when it hit me. Don’t know when will I meet him next, I hope it is soon.

Lastly comes my dream. I am standing at a midpoint. Literally. 3 months closer and another 3 months away. So far things have gone better than planned. And I hope they go on the same way.

So that is pretty much about it. Do let me know about your week in comments below ?


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