Self Therapy- Session 1


Starting a new ritual today. Every Wednesday I’ll be doing some self reflection of the past week. Some weeks I might have a lot to write about while other weeks not so much. But that is okay. Purpose is to recognize my achievements, acknowledge them and be proud of them.

Okay so let’s begin ready get set go!

The past week has been amazing! Amazing not because I did sonething out of this world but because it was comparatively better than the week before. Here are some notable activities from the week:

1- Met a friend who is aspiring to become a motivational speaker. Told her all about my struggles. What she does now is that she regularly forwards me some videos which I have started watching. Here is the catch: whenever I get lost in a negative thought or start overthinking, I put a video on. Smart? 😉 I know right.

2- The same friend also lent me a book. It’s called “How to be a bawse”. Yes. Bawse. Not boss. It is by one of the world’s most popular YouTubers- Lilly Singh. A review of the book is due in 2 weeks (the deadline I have set to finish reading the book)

3- After about 5 months I finally mustered the courage to go out and meet a friend over coffee. Before the meet up I had all sorts of assumptions on how the meeting would be awkward. How I would have nothing to say. How she will pity me for my situation.

REALITY ALERT: None of that happened. In the midst of our meeting I almost forgot about my anxiety. And I kept thinking wow, I should have done it earlier.

Point to note: Not everything that your brain tells you is true. So every now and then, take a leap of faith and do something that might have slighest chance of making you feel better. Now please don’t go trying out something dangerous; baby steps, always!

4- I spent some time and money on charity. I choose not to disclose details because as per my religion your left hand shouldn’t know what your right hand gave. Meaning be discreet about charity, don’t boast about it because only God is supposed to know about your intentions and only He shall bless you in return.

So go on, give to your choice of charity, no restrictions. You will surely reap it’s benefits. I promise you.

Conclusion: I had an AMAZING week. In fact one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I hope I continue this ritual religiously every Wednesday. So stay tuned. Signing out!


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