My Quarantine Story – Fix Your Perspective


Starting 23rd March, the government of Pakistan announced a nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against spread of coronavirus. In my quarantine story I talk about how I have managed to cope so far and the thought process that helped me in doing so.

My Quarantine Story
My Quarantine Story

I read a beautiful post which stated that how we view this pandemic and operate while locked down depends on our perspective about it. Think of this, say 5 years from now when you look back at it, how do you want to view it?

Do you want to say things like I was terrified? The end of the world? I was locked down for days I didn’t leave my house? I mean all this is fine but what good would it bring?

Would you rather remember it as a time when you invested a lot in yourself? For instance I have gotten very consistent with my blog lately. What was I waiting for to realize this amazing skill that I have?

Come to think of it, it really is a privilege to
-work from home
-staying at home in a non-toxic environment
-do nothing yet survive
-be in a healthy mental state
-be in a healthy physical state
-be in a healthy spiritual state

There is an affirmation that I repeat everyday at least 5 times:
“Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better” ????

Although at first it sounded very superficial but overtime I started observing a very positive effect in my life. So much so that I now get external validation to the fact that I am, in fact, getting better and better everyday.


No matter what perspective you choose, your quarantine story is yours to tell. And it will be different than my story or anyone else’s. The only request or advise is to make this story a positive one. One from which future generations can take a learning.

God forbid if something of the sort is to return in future, may your story help others to cope. To view lockdowns as a time much needed for self. Rather than viewing them as a halt to your progress.

If you are someone who wants to grow and progress in life, trust me no pandemic can ever stop you. Again, this is my personal story and I don’t want to impose it on someone else.

With all said and done I do realize that not everyone has the mental capacity to cope and spend all this time productively. So if you’re someone who simply survives this time and comes out sane, know that you have done enough and this is no little achievement in itself.

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