Fighting The Good Fight


Have you ever been in situations where motivation just doesn’t come naturally? I am sure you have. It happens with the best of us. This article will help support your cause of Fighting The Good Fight

Fighting The Good Fight
Fighting The Good Fight

The good news is, all of us can battle our urges and come out victorious. My friend Anton once told me something that really inspired me. He said one day when he woke up, he did not feel quite motivated to get out of bed. In that moment he said this out loud: “It is not about what the mind thinks, it is about what I do. I am in control. Get up”

And with this he just bounced out and got started with the day. I am sure this must be relatable for so many of us. Sometimes when we get started with something important, our mind gives us various excuses like: I am too tired for this, this can be done tomorrow, it is not a priority, I am too bored to do this, maybe I could watch a movie instead.

In such moments we need to do what Anton did; Take control, be conscious and be mindful of our actions. Remember, you control your mind and not the other way around. This is how you convince your mind to keep fighting the good fight!

“Motivation does not come naturally, it is forged by actions. It is much like surfing when you come to think of it. Sometimes, inspirations help you to catch the wave. You are in the flow to create.

But most days, we aren’t on the wave. We have to get up on it ourselves. That requires effort and willpower. The problem isn’t to execute what your about to do. Everyone knows how to leave the bed. The challenge lays within overcoming your mind.

If you want to surf the wave and become naturally motivated to create, you will have to win the battle of entering it. Overcome your fear, overcome your doubts, overcome your mind.

Be in control, dictate your life

In order to achieve what the other 95% cannot achieve, you have to do what that major chunk of population is NOT willing to do. What will this differentiating factor be? How will you choose to stand out among the crowd, the choice is yours!


If you are always looking for external factors to motivate you, chances are that you will keep running out of it. Let me give you an example: if your goal is to make a million rupees, this will be an external source of motivation for you to keep working hard. But what happens once you end up making this amount?

Hence your goal should be one that motivates you for a long time. Let’s say your goal is to end world poverty, then this is such a goal that can never be achieved realistically, but can keep you going for a lifetime. I read an amazing quote once which said, “If others are not laughing at your dream, then your dream is not big enough

So never be a miser when it comes to goal setting and dreaming. Dream on and dream until your dreams come true!

This article has been written in collaboration with Anton M. G. Lindberg. I know Anton because we have something in common — we are both proud members of the 5 am club. Although I am sure he is much better at keeping up than me haha. Although a thousand miles apart I can trust Anton to be an inspiration whenever needed. This is what happens when you use technology for all the right reasons 😉

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