I cause my mental illness


Say that to yourself. Out loud. Then repeat it.

I don’t mean to sound rude but sometimes this is what we need to do. Now this is my opinion and it may be wrong but I think only 20 percent of mental illnesses are inherent where the person is not in control of the things that happen. Others are caused by our own selves.

Allow me to explain. In my own case, I have quit 3 jobs in the past that could have changed my life. Quitting was my own decision. Not influenced by any external factor. My boss was not a dickhead, my pay was good, my family was supportive yet I ended up quitting. What was to follow would be categorized as mental illness but the issue did NOT start because of a mental illness.

Saying this out loud also gives you some sense of control. So in the future right when I am about to quit, rather than saying I cannot go on because of my mental state I would rather say quitting won’t be good for my mental health.

Having said this I do not support blind pursue of a goal when it is taking a toll on you. You are by all means supposed to step away from toxic relationships and things that affect you in a negative way. But do evaluate in some cases if you are the reason for toxicity.

The worst thing about having a mental illness is that it leads to self sabotage. You are your own worst enemy. So we should focus and work on how we can control the damage we inflict on ourselves.

Do you cause your own mental illness?


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