60 minute rule


By Robin Sharma- won’t write who he is, I want my readers to do some leg work as well and search it up. Here is the gist of it:

“I will not go to sleep till I spend 60 minutes learning something new”

The concept is explained through the following:

Collapse the timeline

I can live the life I want and create what I want in 50 years or I can do it in maybe 10 years by learning from people who have already done it. How can I learn from others? By watching TED talks, listening to podcasts, reading books and applying that learning to our own lives.

University of traffic

Wasting time listening to music on way to work/college? How about you play a podcast. Play it in your car, in the bus, in the metro; no matter how you commute and spend that time in a productive manner. Even if your two way commute is 30 minutes there is 30 minutes of learning right there.

College of running

Most of us go out for a run or a walk so how about play a podcast while doing it.


The most generic response to not investing time in learning is that “I don’t have time” which is why Robin talks about the methods above. You don’t need to allocate extra time for these, you can do it while keeping up with everyday routine. One last thing he places much importance on is on keeping a journal. I have already made a post on it, check it out here: https://reasons2stay.home.blog/2019/05/12/3-good-things/


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