Don’t let your past destroy your future


People who let their past define them suffer twice. I’ll explain how this happens in this post.

Now I don’t want to know how bad you have had it in the past. I don’t want to know what your story is. Hell, everyone has a story. Yes, even the ones you think are living a problem free life.

People who acknowledge that whatever happened in the past IS in the past and they will now do whatever it takes to move forward are the ones who succeed in life. They are the real winners.

They want to crawl, walk, run even fly if they have to but they NEVER want to stop.

Coming back to my point let me tell you how people still living with fears of their past end up getting hurt twice or even more. They get hurt when the incidence took place the first time and they get hurt the second time when they let that one or two experiences define their entire life.

Let me put this in writing for record that such people will NEVER stop to suffer. Because even if they come across someone genuine in life, they will ignore them and ASSUME that this person is the same as their past experiences.

Whenever I come across such people in my own life, I am deeply disappointed because they go on to push away anyone who wants to help them. So the gist if this post is, guys, each day is a new day.

Each day you have two options: to start fresh or to sulk in the pain of yesterday. No one likes to stay in pain deliberately hence it is my sincere advice to you all:


Keep moving forward ?


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