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5 am club


I have so much respect for Robin Sharma for writing this book. It is not just a mindset, it is a lifestyle. I think one of the most vital ones if you want to win in life. So I started a support group on Telegram where members share progress. I invite my readers to join me on this journey: Here’s what the group is about: -A support group where you can share anything without the fear of being...

The 5 am Club Summary


The 5 am Club Summary It is not a simple book. It is not a word of advice. It is not a physical club that you join to succeed in life. In fact, the 5 am club is a complete lifestyle that upgrades your mindset to match the 5% of people in this world who are winners and leaders. Although my advice would be to read the entire book however this post is about The 5 am Club Summary. Finally got my...

60 minute rule


By Robin Sharma- won’t write who he is, I want my readers to do some leg work as well and search it up. Here is the gist of it: “I will not go to sleep till I spend 60 minutes learning something new” The concept is explained through the following: Collapse the timeline I can live the life I want and create what I want in 50 years or I can do it in maybe 10 years by learning from...