This post is for YOU


If you’ve had more sleepless nights then you could count, then this post is for YOU

If your mind plays dangerous games with you, this post is for YOU

If life has knocked you more times then you could count, this post is for YOU

If you have given up on life, this post is for YOU

If you think you’re the only one suffering, this post is for YOU

If you have spent most part of your day in bed, this post is for YOU

If you think no one is listening, this post is for YOU

Let me tell YOU all, I have some bad news for you. Things will not get better. Not anytime soon. They will get worse. Before they get better. But here’s the silver lining. In this storm, in your break downs, your hopelessness, your surrender, somewhere among all these things, YOU will learn to fight.

YOU will stop caring for things that do not matter and start paying attention to the one’s that do.

YOU will realize your suffering wasn’t for nothing but it was to make you what you are.

It was to make YOU be grateful of things you had been ignoring.

It was to make YOU meet people who are kind souls. Who YOU never thought you would come across.

And when the silver lining hits you, YOU will come out stronger. Life will never stop hitting, but the next time it hits, YOU will strike back.

This time YOU won’t bend.

This time YOU won’t break.

This will be YOUR time.

And YOU will rise and shine.

And this is my promise to YOU!


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