Self Therapy Session 8


Hello and welcome to another session of Self Therapy!

The much awaited Wednesday post which I sometimes postpone to Thursday (courtesy of life)

Today’s session is going to be a sweet and simple one where I self reflect on all areas of life.

Have a quick look at Session 7:

Let’s start with my mental health which has been improving by the grace of God. With that I am having a better quality of sleep however the number of hours are still to be worked on. And it is still interrupted, my aim is to get uninterrupted sleep.

Moving on to physical health I have really not been able to keep up during Ramadan because I am fasting for 15 hours and that makes it really tough to do any sort of work out or excercise however I do make it a point to do some light workout at home. I hope after Ramadan intense workout sessions will resume and I am looking forward to that.

Spiritually I am in a very good position. I can feel the blessings of Ramadan and I truly believe that it is in this month that my prayers will get answered.

For my social life, I went solo to watch a movie so that is a MAJOR development. I remember doing this in the past but had not done it in ages (courtesy depression). I have been actively making plans with friends so there have been positive improvement in the social aspect.

I look forward to hustling through the coming week, send prayers and strength my way. With that I’ll be signing up out. See you in Session 9 next week till then stay happy and blessed!! ?


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