Self Therapy Session 6


The most awaited day of the week is here- Wednesday!

Some 5 weeks back I started this ritual of doing some self reflection on Wednesday. This post is always an important one for me because it is my original idea, I own it. Other than this, all other posts on my blog are inspired by something or someone. So before we proceed, quickly go over the previous 4 sessions if you are a new reader:

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4-

Session 5-

Now let’s talk about this week. The past week has been good if I reflect upon it both from a physical and mental health standpoint. For the physical bit, I have started working out. Not just started, but doing it religiously. Going 7 days a week, maybe missing a day in between but no more. I can already feel the change, my flappy muscles are starting to take shape.

For my mental health, talk therapy is going well. I am making progress. To validate this I am also having a better and meaningful sleep. Although it is still intermittent but there is definite progress here.

Lastly let me talk about my short term 6 month goal at the moment. I have come across a beautiful soul through my blog. This was the last thing that I could have imagined. This person lights up my day literally and we both have a lot in common. It is my personal goal to travel with her. So I am going to save 50% of my salary each month to make this happen. First pay day is in June. Tentative month for travel is January in 2020.

It has been a very positive week. Training on the job is going well, and I am starting to adjust to my new routine. With that allow me to sign off, see you next week same day at Session 7. Till then be good and stay blessed! ?


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