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Such a powerful quote!
Always soothes me whenever I find myself questioning why I could not get X, why I could not achieve Y, why did it happen that way?
It is all part of a grand scheme. We may not realize it but it will make sense one day looking backward. Until then park your questions and keep embracing what comes your way ?

Sunshine Blogger Award from my Sunshine ☀️


Thank you so much Ilona for being my guiding light, my lucky star ?, my hope and my most favorite blogger. Give this lovely soul a follow at Rules: Embellish your blog with shinny logo above. Give a bunch of thanks to the blogger who nominated you. Answer the questions you have been asked. Questions, i have Been asked: What is your greater inspiration? My Dad Do you have any kids? NO Do you love...

Self Therapy Session 8


Hello and welcome to another session of Self Therapy! The much awaited Wednesday post which I sometimes postpone to Thursday (courtesy of life) Today’s session is going to be a sweet and simple one where I self reflect on all areas of life. Have a quick look at Session 7: Let’s start with my mental health which has been improving by the grace of God. With that I am having a better...

Health Blog Award


What is the Health Blog Award? The Health Blog Award is an award for bloggers who have improved the lives of their readers by inspiring them to live a healthier life. They have promoted better health and changed people’s lives because of it. Nominees get a change to nominate bloggers who have positively impacted their lives. You win this award when someone nominates you, which means that you have...

Don’t let your past destroy your future


People who let their past define them suffer twice. I’ll explain how this happens in this post. Now I don’t want to know how bad you have had it in the past. I don’t want to know what your story is. Hell, everyone has a story. Yes, even the ones you think are living a problem free life. People who acknowledge that whatever happened in the past IS in the past and they will now do...