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Inconveniences in past

I came across a very angry customer last week who was escalated beyond measure. After listening to her plight I said, “I cannot go back in time and fix the inconvenience caused to you. However please allow me to fix things and make it easy for you hereon.”

It had kind of a magical effect on the customer and she calmed down. Last night in my stream of thoughts at night I said maybe this is what we need to tell ourselves that no matter how bad the past was, we cannot go back in time. However we can takecare of ourself today, we can fix things today and make the future easy for us 😊


Toxic positivity


Be very aware of your words


  1. I like this… I think sometimes we dwell so much on the past that it inhibits our ability to fix the future.

  2. Thanks for the example! I will tuck this in my pocket for handling difficult people.

  3. true…nice post…thanks for share

  4. This is so special and important to me. It’s something I need to hear – Thank you. 🙂 x

  5. Great post. This is what I needed for today

  6. Good Morning my Lovely Stay, yes people can get angry fast and they can come down the same fast as well depend how you react in to the situation💙

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