My mood from zero to ?


Last week upon closing I ranked last when it came to customer feedback. I had the most negative reviews among all members of the team. A negative review is not a good thing for someone like me who likes jumping to conclusions.

My mind started to think right away that all my degrees are of no use and my 3+ years of experience has gone down to drain. I thought that everyone was doing better than me and this job is another addition to my list of failures.

Fast forward start of this week I turned the situation around and O had the most number of positive reviews among all team members. Damn my motivation was off the roof, I had the “let me show you what I can do” attitude and I was killing it.

Now although it was good that I used my negative standing as a reason to outperform everyone but at the same time I have a very important lesson that I learned from this experience.

One I’d like to share with you all as well: never see something as black and white. By which I mean thinking extremes like I am either the best of the worst is not okay. Instead a better approach to look at it would be that maybe I was just having a bad day?

Maybe it has nothing to do with the level of education I have acquired?

Maybe it has nothing to do with my work experience?

And what could I have done to turn the situation around?

See all of these things are positive thinking. Jumping to conclusions is the worst thing one can do. So the next time something bad happens to me God forbid, I will just view it as a single experience. Not my life statement and not a huge failure.

I will view it as something that can ve overcome with hardwork and determination. Let this post be a reminder if I dare think otherwise ?

Has it ever happened with you where your mind quickly jumped to the worst conclusion possible?


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