Everyday Checklist For Not So Good Days


An Everyday Checklist is what you must keep handy when you’re depressed you don’t feel like doing anything. Anything at all. You just want to stay in bed and go over the same negative thoughts over and over and over again. It takes a lot of effort to push yourself to do even the most basic tasks.

Everyday Checklist
Everyday Checklist

The same has been my experience overtime however I have developed some habits that make things easier for me. I have made an everyday checklist on Google Keep to keep me on track.

Checking off items gives a sense of achievement and makes you feel good. The list contains basic things. My list includes the following:

1- Having a glass of water as soon as I wake up

2- Brushing my teeth followed by a shower

3- Having a proper meal

4- Taking my medicine

5- Reading a book for 10 minutes at least

6- Praying

7- Going out for a walk/jog (Doing this at home while locked down)

8- Watching a show/movie

Although I might do other stuff through some days as well but the above mentioned are must do things everyday. These are the essentials that keep me going even in my most tough days.

These days are especially tough for people who struggle with mental health illnesses. So I find a routine to be very helpful in such cases. Doing everything more or less at the same time everyday. It gives you some sort of structure that is much needed.

Do you maintain a to-do list? What are some items that are part of your essentials? Do share in comments ๐Ÿ™‚

I have written about my current routine here if you would like to read: https://reasonstolivefor.com/intense-mental-sanity-test-during-pandemic/


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