Intense Mental Sanity Test During Pandemic


The current coronavirus pandemic has brought along a mental sanity test for people as countries that were hit have implemented lockdowns

mental sanity test
Source: Aljazeera

This time is specifically difficult for:
Those who are suffering from ?????? ?????? ?????????. Where simple tasks were already difficult, now they have a big one at hand. Although everyone around is advising not to overthink and take it one step at a time but honestly it is easier said than done. It is very easy for the mind to deviate to negativity specially when you are at home the entire day so you must always bring your mind to present whenever you notice is thinking too much about the future

The ones who have ????? ?????? because their minds won’t stop ticking. Every minute there is some thought going on and during such a time these thoughts surely aren’t positive ones. Sleep routines have been impacted because sleep largely depends on how tired you are on certain day. Given the fact that there is not enough movement while staying in, we do not get as tired as we would otherwise and this ultimately affects our sleep. Not just the duration of hours slept in total, but the quality of sleep that one is getting gets affected as well.

The ones who were ????????? long before they were asked to. Staying in seemed like the only comfort but too much comfort is also bad. They were labeled as attention seekers by their closest friends only because their minds didn’t allow them to go out and meet them. They surely don’t want to hurt themselves but they just want the pain to end. For such people there are always friends and family who push them to hang out, go out for a coffee or just drive around as music serves as relaxation. The same group is in much danger now and the only thing they can do is to fight it.

The ones who have a ????? ??????????? ?? ????, they would find out ways just to get out and now they have none. Patterns of increasing domestic abuse are being observed from Brazil to Germany, China to Greece.

Source: The Guardian

My heart goes out to all of you who are coping under this mental sanity test. I can’t say for anyone else but I want you to know that if you’re reading this, my inbox is always open. I am a message away and although I can’t do much sitting at home myself but I can be a good listener. I can understand even if I cannot personally relate to you. I can regularly check up on you just to make sure you’re doing okay. Secondly, you can always read my other blog posts as well. I am sure they will make you feel lighter.

And it’s perfectly fine even if you don’t want to talk. Just know that every storm runs out of it’s rain. Consider this virus like a cloud and yourself as the blue sky. The sky can exist without clouds but it cannot happen the other way around. Just take it one step and one day at a time, don’t put much thought into what the future holds. Even when the mind wanders try bringing it back to present

Please keep a check on all your loved ones. They need you the most at this point in time. You all have my sincerest wishes and prayers. Specially the most vulnerable in our society.

??? ?? ??? ???!

Do let me know in comments about how you are coping up with this mental sanity test in such uncertain times

For the ones working from home, I have written an extensive article on it. Do check it out:


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  • I agree! It’s tough on everybody, me included. I’m also having trouble with insomnia and I work in the home health field in the mornings. I also find myself worrying about my loved ones and make it a point to call them every couple of days. It’s scary right now but I try to find things to do to keep my mind occupied. But the uncertainty is scary!

    This was a great post and it addresses how so many of us are feeling at the present.

  • Yes, I agree with what you said! The quarantine and restrictions that the gov has placed on us is definitely testing my mental sanity. As an introvert, I like being at home so this part does not bother me. What bothers me is not having access to places like the zoo, parks, and other places that I took for granted before COVID-19. One thing I started doing since the quarantine was increasing my caffeine consumption, or I cannot function at all. I know it’s bad but I enjoy coffee drinks way too much. On the plus side, I am saving tons of money not going out and buying fancy drinks. ☕?

  • For me it’s all about taking it one day at a time and not looking ahead too much. And getting outside in nature helps. These are tough times we’re going through but eventually we’ll come out the other side. Hopefully stronger and more resilient. Take care. Great post.