Deep breath


I take a deep breath and I think about all the times I thought I won’t make it. I want to hug my former self and say all this overthinking won’t get you anywhere. Just look at yourself now.

Look how you take care of yourself.

Look how you sleep on time.

Look how disciplined you’ve become.

Look how you’ve cut out all the toxicity from your life.

Look because there is so much to look forward to.

In my darkest times I thought things would never change and I’ll stay down forever. Which is why in my good times I am aware that even this won’t last forever. This puts me in a very sweet position of moderation.

Had I not experienced the extreme highs and extreme lows, I would never have ended in this current calming state.

So hey, whatever you’re going through, it’s happening for a reason. It’s all part of a big plan even if you think otherwise. Keep hanging, keep breathing, your time will come and your stars will shine⭐


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