Reasons to Live For

Here to give you lots of reasons to live


Tonight I’m going to sleep in a double bed #blessed life

I had my stomach full before I went to bed #blessed life

I’ll wake up with full health and strength #blessedlife

I will have a proper breakfast which is the most important meal of the day #blessedlife

I can pray for the things I want and thank God for the ones I have #blessedlife

I have my personal car for commute to park where I can jog #blessedlife

I have water available whenever I want to shower, specially after a good jog #blessedlife

I can end the day watching my favorite shows while being cozy in bed #blessedlife


The song that keeps me going




  1. And I feel blessed to read your words, thank you🦋

  2. I’m feeling gratitude.. 💕💕

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